A quarry is a place where raw materials are extracted from the surface of the Earth. Quarries are types of mines, and our quarry is a sub-surface mine.

  • The purpose of the quarry is to extract limestone to be used later for the production of clinker. The extraction method of our quarry is unique and separates us from other quarries, due to our commitment to our neighbors and our CEO's promise, whereby extraction is only done by ripping using dozers and not by blasting. The production of clinker begins after the material is excavated: the material is transported to the crushers to be crushed and stacked. After stacking, it is transported on a one-kilometer conveyer belt to the plant.

  • It is essential that the stacked material be chemically within a required specification. We ensure we meet this specification through a carefully-calibrated quality system placed after the crushers, before the stacking.

    The material should be extracted from different locations preassigned by the quarry reserve model, which is a 3D representation of the reserve. Different types of layers, and their quantities, are geologically studied. This model serves as the mining plan which directs the excavation throughout the life time of the mine. With careful planning, we will always be able to predict future excavation and rehabilitation plans.


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