Packing Plant

  • The general truth that cement is the second most consumed material worldwide - after water - renders the Packing Plant Department one of the most active departments in a Cement Plant.

      At our plant, we have:
    • 4 loading bays for bulk cement equipped with 4 weighbridges
    • 2 loading bays for bulk special cement
    • 3 automatic loading machines for 50 kg bags
    • 1 manual loading machine with 2 bays for 50 kg bags dedicated for pickups, undersized trucks and normal trucks up to 35 tons.

  • The Packing Plant equipment is normally capable of delivering up to 5,500 tons of bagged cement and up to 5,000 tons of bulk cement on a daily basis, covering the needs of the local market and export, if any.

    In line with our values, where customer satisfaction is a top priority, we are building a new automatic bag-loading machine to support increasing demand locally and regionally.


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