Instrumentation & Automation Department

Instrumentation and Automation are defined as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. Both processes cross all functions within the industry from installation, integration and maintenance to design, procurement and management.

  • The tasks and responsibilities of the Instrumentation & Automation department at our plant are focused on:

    1- Installation, maintenance, repairing and control of:

    • Measuring devices; temperature, pressure, flow, level, vibration, positioning devices, speed monitoring, pyrometers, etc.
    • Dedusting filters control system, frequency converter drives, kiln shell scanning system, etc.
    • Communication systems; telephone lines, two-way radio transceivers, base transceivers, etc.
    • Pneumatic actuating device; solenoid valves, traveling cylinders and diaphragm valves
    • Fiber optic and networking cables
    • Fire alarm systems

  • 2- Installation, maintenance, repairing, control and calibration of:

    • Weighing and dosing system; belt weigh feeders, rotor weigh feeders, belt scale, flow meters, etc.
    • Weighbridge for weighing trucks
    • Gas analyzer for measuring the concentration of CO, O2, dust, SO2, NOx, gas flow, etc.
    • X-ray machines, online analyzers and all the other machines related to the Laboratory and Quarry sampling station

3- Installation, maintenance, repairing and programing of:
  • PLC & SCADA system for the process control (Raw material preparation, kilns, cement mills, packing plant-roto packers/radimats/trucks loaders, power generation, etc.)
  • Alarm and warning system monitoring, recorders and indicators in the control rooms

4- Installation, maintenance and repairing of A/C units:
  • Cool and heat wall and floor A/C units
  • Water cooler A/C units
  • Central A/C units

5- Our tasks and responsibility also include:
  • Designing and developing new control systems
  • Upgrading of existing systems
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and problem-solving

6- In addition, we carry out electronic repairs in our workshop for the following devices:
  • Circuit boards, analog/digital boards, controllers, recorders and indicators, frequency converters, servers, x-rays and online analyzers boards, pneumatic parts, other electronic apparatuses, etc

7- Our team consists of educated and experienced technicians, and our aim is to:


  • Keep the plant operational and well maintained
  • Keep our staff trained and aware about the latest technology in instrumentation, automation and control
  • Strictly follow our policy regarding health and safety
  • Apply the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)-Coswin 8i
  • Implement efficient cost-reduction strategies
  • Follow up 5S and housekeeping progress

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