Cimenterie Nationale has been part of Chekka and the
surrounding communities since 1953.

It is our home, and therefore our responsibility to preserve, support and contribute to its well-being and development.
Our commitment to this community has become an integral part of our daily activities.

It is our aim to create programs and partnerships, especially with regional stakeholders and extend to the national level that support our triple bottom line: Environment, Social and Economic, through our initiatives that cover a wide range of needs in areas of environment & heritage, education, culture & sports, healthcare and places of worship. Check our CSR projects

We strive to understand the needs of the people and work together towards a better quality of life whether by supporting local infrastructure development or contributing to the education of our youth and giving future generations better educational opportunities.

Our CSR projects are carefully thought through, with sustainability at the heart of what we do, to provide long-lasting benefits through our work with Municipalities, NGOs, schools, clubs and other organizations that share our vision for the growth and enrichment of this community, its environment and its people’s way of life.

Safeguarding the environment is a main concern at CN. Therefore, we strive to invest in the best available technologies and operate within national norms and international standards.

Our place in the community has been established over the years through a foundation of transparency and open communication between Cimenterie Nationale and its neighbors.
Finally, in every aspect of our work, we will continue to make a positive difference in the communities we serve and belong to.

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At CN we give back to the community we belong to. Our initiatives have grown over the years to reach more people in more ways that matter to them. Across our priority areas, socially, environmentally and economically, we will continue to develop projects that fulfill the needs of the people and create positive and long-lasting change for the greater community.

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