Cement Mills

The Cement Mills Department is one of the major departments of a Cement Plant where the produced clinker, mixed with additives such Gypsum, Pure Limestone and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, is ground to a low degree of fineness to produce the grey-colored powder known as Cement.

  • At our plant, we grind:

    • PAL 42.5 (Main Product)
    • P52.5 BTNa RMS (Cement for special utilization)
    • P42.5 BTNa RMS (Cement for special utilization)
    • CS ChB 42.5 (Cement for special utilization)
    • P42.5 (Export Cement)

    Those cement types are ground using:

    • 3 major Cement Mills
    • 5 standby mills (operated occasionally when needed)
    • 2 Roller Presses

    The produced cement is stored in:

    • 5 old silos with capacity of around 21,000 tons
    • 4 new silos with capacity of around 40,000 tons

  • Our cement mills are capable of producing up to 400 tons/hour in total of PA-L 42.5 Cement (sold in green color bags). A cement mill is composed of a full system of equipment that enables it to operate efficiently and to high environmental standards. It is also incapable of functioning without a proper filter installation set-up, which means that the filters, installed at various levels in the mill allow the latter to operate smoothly and in an environmentally friendly fashion.


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