How We Manufacture Our Products

Phase 1: Raw Extraction Material
Raw material extraction: The raw materials for cement production are excavated and benched by a fleet of bulldozers (ripping and pushing over the front of the bench).
Transportation of extracted raw material: The extracted raw materials are loaded by loaders onto trucks and transported to the stocking area close to the crushing plant.
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Phase 2: Raw material crushing
Raw material crushing: The raw materials are crushed by two crushers, and the output material is usually smaller than 50 millimeters in size.
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Phase 3: Raw material storage and pre-homogenization
Raw material storage and pre-homogenization: The crushed raw materials are blended, analyzed and then transported via belt conveyors to the stacker for build up pre-homogenization longitudinal raw mix stockpile using the "Chevron method" of stacking.
Raw material transport to grinding plant: Raw materials are reclaimed and transported via a long belt conveyor to the grinding plant.
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Phase 4: Raw material drying-grinding
Raw material drying-grinding: Raw materials are fed into a hammer mill and ball mill that contain tons of steel balls   (grinding media). As the mill rotates, the grinding tools crush the raw materials into a powder of specific fineness to ensure good burning conditions in the kiln. Drying takes place in the mill by using hot gas from kilns and/or from a hot gas generator. The ground product is called "raw meal."
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Phase 5: Raw meal homogenization and storage
Raw meal homogenization and storage: The raw meal is conveyed to special blending silos, where the homogenization process is carried out continuously.
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Phase 6: Burning process
Burning process: The raw meal is transformed into clinker (intermediate product) in rotary kilns. Rotary kilns are tubular, with a diameter of three to five meters and a slope of more than 3% to help material flow.
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Phase 7: Cement grinding
The Cement (final product) is obtained from grinding a mixture of clinker with gypsum and other additives such as pure limestone, Slag, Pozzolan, etc. 
Grinding is performed via roller press and/or balls mills and the results is very fine powder.
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Phase 8: Cement packaging and delivery
The cement is distributed to customers locally and beyond (export) either:
- Packed in Bags of 50kg and transported by means of on high way trucks
- Packed in Jumbo bags (1500kg) and transported by means of on high way trucks or ships
- Packed in Sling bags and transported via ships
- Bulk (by trucks or via ships)
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