CSR Initiatives

Cimenterie Nationale’s CSR initiatives are primarily aimed at assisting the people of our communities and preserving the environment. The following highlights our support of various events and sponsorships that have helped us give back to the community we value and appreciate.

Cimenterie Nationale supports First Aid workers at Lebanese Red Cross- Beirut district

For four consecutive years and in line with its ongoing corporate social responsibility platform Cimenterie Nationale has supported the Lebanese Red Cross to secure an additional first aid workers’ unit, to service the city of Beirut.

Mrs. Rosy Boulos, head of the first aid workers’ unit, extended her gratitude to Cimenterie Nationale for their ongoing support, and stressed on the importance of the private sector’s involvement in social work, making the role of private institutions integral to the country’s development process.

Community Events

Cimenterie Nationale Summer Club

Every year, Cimenterie Nationale holds the Al Sabeh Summer Club for the children of Chekka. For one month during the summer, hundreds of students are able to enjoy a wide array of activities designed to develop their skills in a multitude of areas, including education, sports and the arts. With the assistance of qualified professionals and social workers, the young participants engage in inspiring programs aimed at enriching their scholastic aspirations and instilling in them the common values espoused by Cimenterie Nationale and the community. The summer club is a means to invest in the future and empower our youth with the right tools to succeed.

Sponsorship of Chekka Fishermen Association

We take great pride in supporting the culture and traditions of Lebanon and have gladly taken on the sponsorship of the Fishermen Cooperative Association in Chekka. As such, and over the past five years, Cimenterie Nationale has offered ongoing financial support to the organization, with funds used to purchase new equipment and keep fishing grounds free of pollution to protect marine life and maintain the economic viability of this seafaring community. By improving the conditions of the fishermen, we are ensuring that the people of Chekka are not forced to abandon their land and homes to seek a livelihood elsewhere. We are also safeguarding a tradition that has long been part of Chekka’s historic heritage, ensuring that the region’s maritime past continues from generation to generation.

Sponsorship of Sports Teams

In a bid to emphasize the national importance of sports in Lebanese culture, Cimenterie Nationale supports various sports teams in the Chekka and Enfeh areas of North Lebanon, including the Chekka Sports Club, Chekka Speed Ball Club, Al Shabibah Sports Club and the Al Intilaq-Anfeh Volleyball Club. Cimenterie Nationale’s support includes covering expenses – from providing funding for equipment and uniforms – to covering training costs and refurbishing football fields and basketball courts, among many others. We believe that by promoting the benefits of sports, we are encouraging the development of the youth and allowing them to engage in productive activities that will enrich their lives.

Community Generator

As we are part of the Chekka community, the welfare of the people of North Lebanon is especially important to us. Cimenterie Nationale contributed to install an electric generator providing electricity to more than 400 households in Chekka, which has been suffering from daily power cuts for years. Existing private generators were unable to compensate for these shortages, thereby leaving many households and businesses in the area without power. Responding to this urgent need, Cimenterie Nationale participated in the purchase of a private generator and assisted with the installation of the electrical network. The initiative gave us the opportunity to improve the standard of living for the people and reaffirm our commitment to work with them in the spirit of partnership.

Sponsorship of Père Afif Osseirane Foundation

Cimenterie Nationale is deeply committed to the Fondation Père Afif Osseiran (FPAO), which provides assistance to underprivileged children. Operating under the MCL program (Mineurs en Conflit avec la Loi), which was co-funded by Cimenterie Nationale, we hope to help minors from the Tripoli and Akkar regions currently detained in various prisons. Using the coordinated efforts of a network of professionals, including social workers, psychologists and lawyers, the MCL program provides social, medical and psychological assistance to detainees and their families, while also monitoring all the juridical aspects pertaining to their individual cases. Once the young detainees are released, focus is placed on helping them secure employment or receive vocational training, ensuring they are given the opportunity to succeed in life. As such, and through our partnership with the FPAO, we hope to protect the rights of underage detainees, while paving the way for their smooth reintegration into society following their release.

Fruitful Gift

In an effort to provide a gift that keeps on giving, Cimenterie Nationale launched the ‘Fruitful Gift’ initiative, which entailed the offering of 9,000 different fruit trees to the inhabitants of Chekka, Enfeh, and Koura. The trees were donated door-to-door to each resident by our dedicated representatives so that they could be immediately planted. Many community members became motivated by the initiative and followed our lead by planting trees on their own. As such, we were able to not only give back to the community, but also to illustrate our appreciation of age-long agricultural traditions that are indigenous to the region.

Donation to Chekka Public Schools

As education is the key to the advancement of future generations, Cimenterie Nationale has become heavily involved in promoting the culture of learning in our area by most recently donating funds to renovate the Enfeh Public Primary School for Girls, creating a new entrance to the grounds and building a new courtyard in addition to carrying out repairs and maintenance for the interior. We have long supported such education initiatives and have over the years donated a multitude of essential tools, including computers for the school administration. By investing in the youth of today, we know that we are laying the groundwork for the success of the adults of tomorrow.

Another successful Chekka Summer Festival

For the fourth year, Cimenterie Nationale sponsored the annual Chekka Summer Festival, which was organized by the Chekka Development Council, in order to highlight our continued commitment to the community in which we operate. Cimenterie Nationale is steadfast in its mission to support the Chekka-Anfeh area by spearheading a number of initiatives aimed at the local residents, promoting education, sports and the environment. Hundreds of participants of all ages – from 10 to 65 – attended the festival to enjoy the many cultural and entertainment activities. People were able to partake in soccer and volley ball tournaments at the Municipal Stadium of Chekka as well as various races in different age categories and a marathon. Also entertaining audiences were a comic farce with a comedy band. a painting symposium and an evening party featuring a number of talented performers. An honoring ceremony was also organized for students who excelled in the official exams and a separate ceremony was held to distribute cups and medals to the winners and participants of the festival’s activities.

Bringing Christmas cheer – Annual Christmas Lunch

For the past 3 years, Cimenterie Nationale sponsored its second annual Christmas lunch for nearly 1,000 elderly and needy people, which was organized by the Rifaq el Darb Association. The event was part of our ongoing initiative to support the less fortunate – specifically those who live alone – and ease the burden of poverty and loneliness. The lunch was held at Qatteen, Kesrouan, and brought together guests from all over Lebanon, all of whom wholly participated in the distribution of gifts and the festive singing and dancing. The Rifaq el Darb Association, which was founded by students from St. Joseph University in 1993, is primarily dedicated to paying home visits to the elderly, helping them move into more adequate living quarters, arranging medical visits and supplying them with basic food and medicine. Today, the association takes care of over 100 elderly people, living mainly in the Achrafieh, Mar Mikhaël, Nabaa and Bourj Hammoud areas of Beirut.

Preserving Lebanon’s proud past – Bsouss Silk Museum

Safeguarding Lebanon’s cultural past is another integral aspect of our CSR initiatives, which is why Cimenterie Nationale supports the Association for Memory and Development (AMED), an organization that aims at protecting and enhancing the country’s natural heritage. AMED’s main project is the Bsous Silk Museum, the exhibits of which familiarize visitors with the process of the production of silk thread, once the nation’s leading natural/agricultural resource. The museum preserves the historical roots of silk making in Lebanon and regularly hosts exhibitions of silk products and silkworms to make sure that Lebanon’s heritage continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

Breathing life into history – Sidon Archeological Dig

In addition to our community service, we are also dedicated to CSR projects at the national level. We are particularly dedicated to preserving Lebanon’s distinguished past as we understand that it is part of our present, which is why we have been funding over the last three years a British Museum-led archeological dig in the city of Sidon. It is a unique opportunity to reveal the ancient port city’s development from the third millennium to the first millennium BC. Previously under explored archeologically, Sidon’s excavation was given the green light in 1998 by the Directorate General of Antiquities of Lebanon. All the excavation findings are being studied, documented and published, proving an invaluable historical asset.

Environmental campaigns

Turtle Monitoring Project:

In a bid to further boost our environmental efforts, Cimenterie Nationale took on the protection of the nesting habitat of giant marine turtles at Zeereh beach in Chekka by sponsoring and funding a cleaning operation in the area. Operating in coordination with the Palm Island Nature Reserve and the Turtle Monitoring Project, the operation succeeded in ridding the beach of garbage and solid waste that previously prevented these giant amphibians from laying their eggs in a secure environment. The mission of the initiative is expansive, and also involves assisting the hatchlings to safely reach the water for their survival, while tracking the turtles for further environmental study in the future. Not only did this event significantly benefit Lebanon’s wildlife by protecting the offspring of these turtles, but it also raised awareness among the public and provided essential environmental benefits by ridding our shores of refuse harmful to both people and marine life alike.

Campaign for the Lebanese eco-citizen:

Further solidifying its role in contributing to the safekeeping of the environment, Cimenterie Nationale worked in cooperation with the TERRE Liban Association to launch the Eco-citizen Project in 1,139 primary and secondary public schools. The first phase, ‘Active Eco-citizen,’ consisted of a competition targeting students in grades four to eight, which took place during the 2007-2008 academic year. Some 382 groups participated in the contest and took part in several activities, which included reforestation and environment cleaning campaigns, organic farming, waste sorting and recycling, the building of wooden bird nests and the implementation of pilot projects for alternative energy. The project was successfully carried out thanks to additional support from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR). Funding for the initiative was provided by Cimenterie Nationale as well as the European Union.

Conservation pioneers – The Zakroun Initiative:

To further cement our role in protecting the environment and serving the community, we launched the Zakroun Development Project in cooperation with the Zakroun Development Committee, which will see 500,000 m2 of forested land owned by Cimenterie Nationale placed at the disposal of the area’s residents. As such, locals will be able to benefit from its wood resources under the supervision of the Development Committee. The area will also be maintained, with the trees pruning and the grass cleaned, thus facilitating the renewal of indigenous flora and preventing the spread of fires. The project has received the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Agriculture and the pruning process will be supervised by agricultural experts commissioned for that purpose. The proceeds will help implement several development projects and initiatives in the area, including the construction of the Saints Sarkis and Bakhos church hall.

Replanting Lebanon’s forests – The Abou Zreik Campaign

In line with our continuous collaboration with the Eco-citizen/ TERRE Liban project, Cimenterie Nationale supported the Abou Zreik Campaign for the reforestation of the Lebanese forests destroyed by fires. Carried out with the cooperation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the campaign, which took place in November 2009, was named after the Eurasian jaybird, the Abou Zreik, known for collecting seeds during the autumn season, and drying and planting them during the winter. The purpose of the initiative was also to encourage the community to follow the same example and help to conserve the environment by replanting Lebanon’s forests.

In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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