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At Cimenterie Nationale, we highly value our greatest resource: our people. We understand that the foundation of success is built on the hard work, motivation and creativity of each and every employee. We rely on our team members to maintain Cimenterie Nationale's high quality standards at all times and to implement innovative ways that aim at improving operations in order to better fulfill our obligations to stakeholders and the community. The people that have worked with us to make Cimenterie Nationale a leader in the cement industry have consistently proven that they are competent, loyal and passionate about what they do – three integral qualities in an effective workforce.

As part of the company's corporate culture principles, Cimenterie Nationale does not only offer job opportunities, but also helps build the careers of employees so that they continuously grow and evolve on a professional level. We take this role very seriously, which is why we strive to be an 'employer of choice.' We strive to maintain a professional work environment and encourage an open culture where ideas can be readily shared and teamwork to achieve common goals thrives. To promote the dedication of our staff, we also abide by a system of meritocracy, ensuring that it is the employees' motivations and performance that influence advancement within the company.

Maintaining a healthy and rewarding work environment is ensured by our value-driven competencies:

  • Integrity (Adhering to Values and Principles): Upholding ethics and values, acting with integrity and promoting equal opportunity.
  • Teamwork (Working with People): Demonstrating interest in others, working effectively in teams, building team spirit and showing care and consideration for individuals
  • Trust and Respect: Promoting an attitude of trust and respect for others which instills an atmosphere of commitment.
  • Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives: Accepting and tackling demanding goals, working even harder when necessary and identifying opportunities for progressing to more challenging roles.
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