Cimenterie Nationale operates four top-notch laboratories.
  • Quality control: Our quality control laboratory operates 24 hours a day with three rotating shifts. The laboratory is well equipped with the latest technology machine such as automatic Blaine, and Mastersizer 2000 machine for control the particle size distribution of cement and raw material. Its main mission is to control the raw material, raw meal, kiln feed, clinker and cement production on an hourly basis and report results directly to the production departments in order to minimize the percentage of non-conforming products.
  • Chemical laboratory: Cimenterie Nationale has the most advanced technology for research and analysis, such as claisse machine for sample preparation, XRF and XRD for the chemical and mineralogical analysis, a microscope with all necessary accessories (sample preparation, polish, software) and spectrophotometer with all needed accessories in order to determine the water soluble chromium VI content in cement according to EN 196-10. In addition, the laboratory is equipped to perform the wet analysis for the ASTM C114 and EN 196-2. An oven up to 2000 °C was also installed to control the Burnability of the raw material and to evaluate the raw mix variation.
  • Physical laboratory: The physical laboratory is divided into two sections. One is reserved for tests according to European standards, and the second for tests according to American (ASTM) standards. The environmental condition of both areas is continuously monitored to fulfill the requirements of both standards.
Concrete laboratory: This laboratory is well equipped to control the quality of the aggregates and sand, and to detect the influence of the concrete components in the concrete quality. In addition, this laboratory is available to support Cimenterie Nationale customers and other interested individuals.
In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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