Chairman's Letter

“ Making cement is no rocket science “… I’ve heard this sentence many times before and, for a while, I tended to agree… No longer! As “first world” countries gradually move away from this delicate manufacturing sector altogether, as standards for those that remain grow stricter and stricter, the challenge is getting tougher and the bar keeps being raised higher!

For those who make a living in this manufacturing sector, there are two incompatible truths that have to be juggled with every day: most people cannot accept a life without cement AND they do not want the negative impact (of making it) on their environment.

For this passionate nature conservationist, the above contradiction is a permanent challenge.

In the following pages, our efforts to deal positively with our communities, clients, colleagues and shareholders while complying with the highest worldwide quality, environment and safety standards are documented. “Not an easy task at all” is an understatement… Rocket Science? Possibly, but with a heart.

As our wonderful management team barrels ahead, our biggest challenge is to give back to our constituencies with the intelligence, generosity and vision they expect of us – or should we say – we expect of us, and we should be even more demanding!

Pierre J. Doumet
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