Rifaq EL Darb Event

10 January, 2016
Every year, CN's volunteers celebrate the festive season through their own special way….

More and more of CN's volunteers are becoming big fans and regular participants of Rifaq El Darb’s annual Christmas lunch. This participation is not only limited to the volunteers anymore, but it is extending to their children and relatives as well!!

During this day, and far from work, we see how much love and care they put in this event held for around 1000 elderly in need to lift their spirits up during this festive season and fill their hearts with happiness.   

CN's participation and presence was much appreciated by the Ministry of Social Affairs' representative who thanked CN for its presence and continuous support and for always being part of this humanitarian event. 

Mr. Joe Tawtal head of Rifaq El Darb association, thanked CN for its continuous support on all levels, mentioning during his speech that " CN does not make only cement but creates joy and happiness and is proving it through its presence". 

How good does it make you feel to think about others, help them and be the reason behind their smile?! 
This was the main objective and message from this event and it was successfully achieved, seeing everyone so happy, enjoying their time, touched and impressed by this exceptional experience. 

ككل سنة، يحتفل متطوعو شركة الترابة الوطنية "إسمنت السبع" بالأعياد المجيدة على طريقتهم الخاصة، فيشاركون بالغداء السنوي الذي تنظمه جمعية رفاق الدرب لحوالي 1000 مسن و محتاج.

متطوعو الشركة يزدادون سنة تلوى الأخرى، لا بل أصبحوا يشاركون فيه مع أولادهم و أقاربهم و باتوا ينتظرونه بفارغ الصبر.   

في هذا النهار و بعيدا عن أجواء العمل، يتسنى لكل من هؤلاء المتطوعين إدخال البهجة  إلى قلوب من هم بأمس الحاجة إليها، فيخدمونهم بمحبة و يساعدون في إطعامهم و الرقص معهم.

رؤية أجواء الفرح تعم المكان برهنت أن الهدف الذي كنا من أجله قد أنجز بنجاح و ها نحن منذ الآن نتطلع لتكرار هذه التجربة الفريدة من نوعها مرة أخرى السنة المقبلة.


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