CN Summer Club 2015

20 August, 2015

Unfortunately, another successful year of the CN Summer Club is over....

More than 250 kids from Chekka and Enfeh were gathered for 6 weeks to enjoy their summer, have fun and learn how to acquire and adapt a healthy well being lifestyle, theme for this year's Summer Club. The activities went from different kinds of sports to healthy nutrition, recycling/ environment, technology usage, etiquette, safety and other fields that are integrated in the chosen theme. 

During the Closing Ceremony, in the presence of Chekka Municipality Head Mr. Farjallah Kfoury, Chekka and Enfeh Mayors, other key persons of the local community and of course the parents, the kids presented their farewell by performing dance shows, sports shows (football, gymnastics, karate...) recycling mock ups they have worked on, and other activities that they learned during this 6 weeks. 

The joy and happiness were fulfilling the place, everyone was clapping, whistling, taking pictures, videos and some even dancing with the kids. 

This was nothing but a small translation of yet another successful year of the CN Summer Club.

سنة أخرى تتكلل بالنجاح  لنادي السبع الصيفي 2015. ستة أسابيع من المرح و التسلية إختتمت بحفلة رائعة تخللها مختلف العروض من رقصات، ألعاب رياضية و غيرها من النشاطات، قدمها الأولاد   بحضور الأهل، رئيس بلدية شكا، آبوات، مدراء المدارس، أندية و غيرهم من فعاليات شكا، أنفه و الجوار 

موعدنا يتجدد السنة القادمة بموضوع جديد، مشتركين جدد و مفاجآت جديدة.....:إنتظرونا


In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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