Deir Al Natour: 900 years young!

21 September, 2013
CN 60 years anniversary was crowned on Friday the 27th of September by celebrating the new honoring of the "900 years old Al Natour Monastery - Enfeh" in the occasion of the accomplishment of its restructuring works.

The honoring ceremony took place under the patronage and in the presence of Monsignor Ephraim Kyriakos, the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tripoli, al-Koura and Dependencies of the Church of Antioch; in addition to many regional key persons who shared with us this special occasion.
The event program included honoring prayers, religious recital and a photo exhibition for pre and post restructuring pictures.

This event reflects CN core values that shape the company practices from an inside-out perception.

توجت شركة الترابة الوطنية عيدها الستين بالاحتفال بالتكريس الجديد لدير سيدة الناطور –انفه، الذي يعود عمره الى اكثر من 900 سنة، يوم الجمعة الواقع فيه 27 أيلول 2013 وذلك بمناسبة انتهاء اعمال ترميم بعض اقسام الدير
رعى الاحتفال سيادة المتروبوليت افرام كرياكوس راعي ابرشية طرابلس والكورة للروم الارثوذكس، بالاضافة الى عدد كبير من الفعاليات والشخصيات في المنطقة الذين شاركوا ايضا في هذا   الحفل
استهل الاحتفال بصلاة التكريس الجديد تلاها تراتيل من قبل جوقة ابرشية طرابلس والكورة، كما تخلله معرض صور للدير قبل وبعد الترميم.
هذه المناسبة تعكس قيم شركة الترابة الوطنية التي نعمل من خلالها لما فيه خير ومصلحة الجميع

The below attached pictures are also to be added to the event gallery; in addition to links to articles that were published on the internet;

Deir Al Natour: 900 years young!
Iconic Monastery renovated with a little help from some friends.

As safeguarding Lebanon’s cultural past is an integral aspect of CN’s CSR initiatives, we believe in preserving the historical roots of the region where we operate in specific, and the country where we belong in general.  This is why we have been funding, over the last couple of years, the restoration works of Deir Al Natour Monastery – Enfeh.

The newly renovated Deir Al Natour, located fifteen kilometers south of Tripoli and seventy kilometers north of Beirut, has for years been an attraction for Lebanese and tourists alike who come to fulfill vows and make prayers.Its surrounding seabed consists of underwater meadows of great biological wealth, making its shore a much sought-after area for fishermen because of the great variety of fish found there. The monastery is surrounded by large fields of the myrtle, a nearly extinct plant on the Lebanese coast, and saltpans that extend along the coast of Enfeh. It is mostly visited on August 15th of every year to celebrate the Virgin Mary’s Day (Eid Al-Saydeh).  


In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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