NDU students' visit to the Green Belt

23 July, 2013
A group of 40 students from Notre Dame University (NDU) from both north and Zouk campuses visited the Green Belt site on Monday the 22nd of July 2013 as part of their curriculum at the university.
The students had the chance to explore the Green Belt - phase (I) area accompanied with members from the administration staff of the university as well as CN team.
Presentations followed the visit at the training room at CN plant conducted by specialists from CN: Dr Sayed Hokos who conducted a presentation about the production; Mr Roger Haddad who communicated CN communication strategy and interaction with the community; Mr Atfat El Bouz who explained the new architectural planning of the plant and Mr Emilio Nehme who briefed the students about the existing management systems.

زارت مجموعة من تلامذة جامعة سيدة اللويزة مشروع الحزام الأخضر يوم الاثنين الواقع فيه 22/07/2013  برفقة أعضاء من الهيئة الدراسية من فرعي الجامعة في الشمال كما الذوق
تخللت الزيارة جولة لأقسام المشروع كما عرض لتفاصيله، بالاضافة الى عرض مفصّل من قبل أخصائيين في الشركة السادة سايد حرقص، روجيه الحداد، عطفت البوز و ايميليو نعمه...


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