Building Concrete Dreams

01 February, 2012
As part of their ongoing commitment to enhance the community in which they operate, Cimenterie Nationale S.A.L. launched an on-ground activation through which 60 students from National School of the Lebanese Maronite order - Chekka expressed their dreams. Children from the ages of 8 to 10 gathered in the school courtyard where they were given the opportunity to paint their dreams on a large cement wall.

Laughter, excitement and an overall eclectic mood filled the air as the cement wall was brought to life with various colors and drawings. The wall now covered with dreams, from flowers to houses and even cartoons, will remain in the school as a constant reminder that dreams can come true.

At the end of the event, the children released green balloons into the air as a message of hope for their future, hoping that their ambitions will be realized.

Commenting on the occasion, Cimenterie Nationale’s Administrative Manager, Mr. Roger El Haddad stated: “Cimenterie Nationale has always played a role in the building of concrete material. That said, we believe that we do much more than that, by helping our community achieve their hopes and dreams, from homes and offices to hospitals and schools. Whatever your dreams and aspirations, we'd like to play an instrumental role in helping you realize them.”

He then continued “This activation is an integral part of a 360 campaign that we launched on TV, outdoor last December to establish our new ethos of ‘Building Concrete Dreams’. We are very focused on bringing this promise to life through a variety of activities aimed at setting a brighter future for the children in our community.”

With the ultimate goal to make a profound and lasting difference, Cimenterie Nationale has undertaken several corporate social responsibility initiatives that fall under five themes; environment, education, culture and sports, places of worship and healthcare on both regional and national levels.


In recognition of its environmental achievements, more
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